About Tizona

Tizona is applying novel scientific insights to change the course of cancer progression and relapse

Our Leadership Team

We believe success comes from a team of cross-functional experts focused on a common vision. For us, it is improving treatment outcomes for people with cancer. Our employees, leadership, Board of Directors, advisors, partners and investors live it. We hope one day, so will patients.


Christine O’Brien

Chief Executive Officer

Courtney Beers, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Swami Murugappan, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Erin Johnson, PhD

Vice President, Program Leadership and Alliance Management

Board of Directors

Pankaj Bhargava, MD

Executive Partner, MPM Capital

Kurt von Emster

Managing Partner, Abingworth

Nina Kjellson

General Partner, Canaan Partners

Christine O’Brien

CEO, Tizona Therapeutics

Siobhan Pomeroy

VP, Corporate Development, Gilead Sciences

Dan Spiegelman

Chair, Tizona Therapeutics

Director, Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Former EVP & CFO, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Scientific Co-Founders & Advisors


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